Seamless transfers from free to premium content on phone services

Transfer On Call - VoxTel Products

Transfer On Call

Convert clients on demand on your phone services

Increases user conversion with seamless transfers from Free to Premium Content on the same local phone number.

Transfer On Call - VoxTel Products

Transfer On Call or TOC is a unique phone billing product developped and managed by VoxTel. It allows fully customizable billing on local phone lines. By dialing a free local phone number, users can access free content or services and agree to switch seamlessly to Premium content and billing on-demand with a simple action.

Transfer On Call - VoxTel Products

Better conversion rates

TOC increases your user conversion:

  • stronger local branding by advertising services under a local phone number
  • support for landline and mobile phones on the same phone number
  • flexible billing options per call, per minute or both
  • users can switch back to free content or services at any time

How it works

  1. The user calls a local phone line
  2. The user uses the free service and than wishes to acess premium content
  3. The IVR system inform hims of the costs and asks him to accept the fees
  4. The user agrees to pay the fees by pressing a key on his phone keypad
  5. The user is automatically transferred to the premium content
  6. The user hangs up and the total cost of his usage is charged directly on his phone bill

VoxTel is also able to record a verbal agreement, in which the user agrees to the charges by saying his name and/or stating that he accepts to pay the fees.