Phone billing and micro-billing solution for landline and mobile phones

Direct To My Phone - VoxTel Products

Direct To My Phone

The easy and secure way to accept payments by phone

Increase your sales by offering an alternative to credit cards on your website or app.

Direct To My Phone - VoxTel Products

Direct To My Phone or DTMP is a dynamic carrier billing product perfectly designed for Web Application Service Providers (ASP). It converts a telephone number entered in a widget into a purchase verified by PIN-code or SMS opt-in confirmation.

DTMP has unique connections with all major Canadian telecommunications carriers that interact harmoniously in concert with their complexities, to bring up a reach of 94% for all mobile carriers in Canada.

DTMP is available for web and IVR conversions through a simple universal interface integrated into your application.

Direct To My Phone - VoxTel Products

Phone billing for all kind of purchases

DTMP interacts according to the billing mode chosen by a user:

  • micro-billing
  • one-time purchases
  • online services
  • recurring subscriptions
  • digital content (text or SMS)
  • per-minute of usage
  • etc.

How it works

  1. The user wishes to make a purchase on your website
  2. The user enters his mobile phone number
  3. VoxTel sends a generated PIN to the user's phone via SMS
  4. The user enters his PIN on your website
  5. VoxTel validates the PIN
  6. VoxTel automatically bills the costs of the transaction on the user's mobile phone account throught his carrier.
  7. The user immediately access the premium content on your website