Phone carrier billing

Easy and convenient for your buyersPhone carrier billing, also known as direct carrier billing or operator billing, is a payment method in which costs are charged directly on the buyer's phone bill.

It can be used to bill phone calls at fixed or variable pricing, but also to purchase subscriptions, services, goods, downloadable content, parking ticket, etc.

VoxTel uses phone carrier billing in monetization products, whether to convert phone calls or to accept payments by phone.

Phone carrier billing requires pre-established integration with each phone carriers' billing platform. The level of control allowed varies from carriers, and is subject to the regulations of the CWTA and the CRTC in Canada.

Over the years, VoxTel has negotiated agreements with all major mobile and landline phone carriers in Canada, including Bell, Rogers Mobile, Telusand Videotron, to be able to support 94% of mobile users and 98% of landline users, everywhere in Canada.