Call-tracking solution for online and offline advertising

Dynamic Number Insertion - VoxTel Products

Dynamic Number Insertion

Bridge the gap between advertising and conversion, across every medias

Maximize the return on investment (ROI) of non-digital or digital media campaigns with real-time call-tracking

Dynamic Number Insertion - VoxTel Products

Dynamic Number Insertion or ID# is a measurement and strategic performance optimization product by call-tracking. It bridges the critical gap between advertising and conversion on different media channels, by automatically inserting unique telephone numbers in each media in ad-tracking mode.

In doing so, ID# creates specific relationships between online or offline ads and offline conversions. It than analyzes these relationships to provide objective results to your team of professionals, and to support your ROI optimization decisions and media strategies.

Bridge the critical gap between ad and conversion

Measure your return on investment (ROI) when you activate advertising campaigns, across all media, with inVox Unified Communications' set of proprietary solutions:

  • Distinct telephone numbers for each offline media (print, display advertising, radio, TV) and/or online (emails, newsletters, QR codes, ad-groups, keywords, click-to-call campaigns)
  • Call-to-action applications on phone lines: drawing lots, contests, samples or information offers, etc.
  • Efficiency measurement at the phone-carrier level
  • Switching to customer call center
  • inVox ID# portal with online campaign management tools, such as analysis capabilities, real-time reporting, automatic activation of custom offers

How it works

  1. You launch a multi-channel advertising campaign featuring a phone number
    • User A sees the ad on tv
    • User B sees the click-to-call ad on the internet
    • User C hears the ad on the radio
    • User D sees the ad in a magazine
  2. All users call distinct phone numbers and access the same phone service
  3. VoxTel compiles all their data in real-time
  4. You access your online reports to see how each ad performs