Interactive communications solution for broadcasters

Broadcaster - VoxTel Products


Diversify your means of communication and interaction with your audience

Create automated and autonomous call-to-action applications to improve ratings or create a new source of revenue with phone carrier billing.

Broadcaster - VoxTel Products

Broadcaster is a proprietary VoxTel product adapted to the needs of brand managers and broadcasters. Create memorable experiences by monetization and content marketing activation for any broadcast media platform.

With a modular design and simple navigation, Broadcaster enables a personalized management of any brand activation programs, without compromising on increasing related revenues. Easily create dynamic interaction with the audience through a variety of call-to-action applications like drawing lots, contests, obtaining sample, informations, etc.

Broadcaster - VoxTel Products

Engage your audience with diversified communications

Broadcaster amalgams and interconnects a set of telecommunications services:

  • Reach 94% of wireless users, 98% of landlines users and 100% of internet users across Canada
  • Configure, plan and test interactive actions with the audience
  • Exchange SMS/MMS with the audience
  • Switch and communicate directly with wireless and landline users
  • Monetize your content or audience participation

How it works

  1. Enter your programming schedule in the VoxTel's Broadcaster portal
  2. Plan interactions with your audience
    • Send weekly SMS notification to registered listeners with the synopsis of this week's episode
    • open a chat session with the audience right after each show
    • accept SMS from the audience during each season premieres
  3. Activate your modules once you're satisfied with them
  4. Your audience subscribes to each of their favorite shows
  5. VoxTel automatically executes each of your modules at the planned date and time
  6. Follow in real-time the result of the interactions with the audience